New Moon Shakti Circle- Spring Equinox Celebration

ostara shakti goddessNew Moon Shakti Circle is a monthly Women’s circle where you have the opportunity to connect to your female klan in sacred space. This time often includes: conscious share, ritual, reflection, meditation, intention setting, and a connection to the earth’s seasons.The Spring Equinox marks a point of balance in the year when light and dark are in perfect balance. Images of fertility and abundance are all around as spring dawns; rabbits, eggs, baby animals, bright colors, fresh flowers, and sunshine. This March we will plant seeds of intention for the coming season gemstonesand reflect on the lessons of winter. PLUS! come to Maha Padma early because the wonderful, Dina Vitantonio will be showing and selling some of her crystal collection this evening, some of which she has mined herself. She is available to answer any questions on the magical and energetic qualities of the gemstones.
  • Wednesday, March 20th 2013
  • Crystal & Gemstone Showing: 7:30-8:25pm, Spring Equinox Ritual: 8:30-10pm
  • Location: Maha Padma Yoga Temple- 20 East 17th Street, 2nd Floor
  • $10 Cash

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