New Moon Shakti Circle in July: The City Goddess & The Country Goddess

The New or “Dark” Moon is a time of new beginnings and creative energy- the perfect time to set your intentions for the coming lunar cycle or season. New Moon Shakti Circle is an opportunity to connect to your female klan in sacred space during this magical time and open yourself up the collective wisdom of women gathered in community. This time includes: conscious share, ritual, reflection, meditation, intention setting and a connection to the earth’s seasons. Flowers, fruit or other sweet offerings to the altar will be gladly accepted. Please wear something you feel beautiful and comfortable in. 

*New Moon Shakti Circle is a women’s only event.

This July we are blessed with two New Moon Shakti Circles!

fire goddess
Saturday, July 6th in Schroon Lake, NY
New Moon Shakti Circle: Fire of Transformation
In our upstate New Moon Shakti Circle will focus our attention on the powerful element of fire and it’s transformative potential to create, destroy, and inspire. During the week of the July 4th, the whole country is ablaze with fireworks celebrating our independence. Through our time together we will stoke a quieter inner fire made even brighter by its contrast with the dark of the sky. The monthly New Moon Circles at True North Yoga began when Lisa Kazmer saw the inspired work being done by Debbie and other strong women in the Schroon Lake area. She decided to share her New Moon Shakti Circle while visit her parents who summer in the area and the space has continued meeting near the New Moon each month.
  • True North Yoga 1073 Main Street Schroon Lake, New York
  • Saturday, July 6th 7:30-9:30pm

nourish goddessTuesday, July 9th in New York City

New Moon Shakti Circle: Crystal Clear

Dina Vitantonio, Energy Therapist and Intuitive Healer, joins Shakti Circle this July to share with us her knowledge of crystal and gemstone’s power to heal, protect, and support. We will review basic ways with which one can begin to work with a stone’s energy but more importantly, we will use this time together during the dark of the New Moon to develop and listen to our own intuitive wisdom with these earth allies. If you have stones(s) you work with please bring them with you to this circle. There will be stones available for you to work with during our time together if this is new to you as well as stones for sale at the Maha Padma Boutique.

  • LOCATION: Maha Padma Yoga Temple 20 East 17th Street (between 5th Ave & Broadway) 2nd Floor NYC
  • Tuesday, July 9th 8:30-10pm
  • $10 Cash

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