Birth Doula & Prenatal Yoga

“Lisa’s pre-natal series helped my partner and me prepare mentally and physically for the arrival of our baby with practical advice, hints, and tips.” -Prenatal Yoga Student

Prenatal Yoga for Expectant Mothers:
Prenatal yoga not only keeps you feeling active and fit during your pregnancy but will also help prepare the mind and body for labor, delivery, and motherhood.  It is a safe and nurturing environment for you to bond with your growing baby and prepare for a positive birth experience. This session is appropriate for beginners and a great way to combat many of the common discomforts that pregnancy can bring such as backache, sciatica, and difficulty sleeping.

Schedule a single private session or series of private sessions to address specific concerns or join a group class to connect with other women on the same journey.

Special Prenatal Offerings:

  • Private Session Series Package; Prenatal Yoga & Comfort Techniques: In this 5-part personalized series of private classes we will use prenatal yoga to help create and prepare for a more peaceful and positive birth experience. From strength-building standing poses and chest-opening backbends, to gentle hip openers, forward folds, and restorative postures we will spend four sessions getting to know the body as it relates to pregnancy and birth. You will then take what you’ve learned into a Comfort Techniques session where you and your partner will practice postures, hands-on support, and relaxation methods that can be applied to practically any birth plan.
  • Partner Prenatal Yoga: (1-2 hours) Practice yoga with your significant other, doula, sister, mother, or friend! Partner Prenatal Yoga Sessions will begin by focusing in on your breath, the breath of your partner, and it’s connection to your baby. From there breath and movement flow together shifting you into simple yoga postures made appropriate for all levels of experience while utilizing weight share and partner support. Some partner postures learned could be directly applied to help the birthing mother cope with pain during labor.
  • Comfort Techniques for Labor and Delivery: (1.5-2.5 hours) In this session you will learn pain-coping strategies and comfort measures that can be applied to almost any birth plan. You will practice positions you can labor and/or give birth in, relaxing breathing techniques, helpful visualizations, and other tools you can use to support your birthing experience. Bring a notebook and/or camera. Wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in.

Birth Doula Services: Lisa is a DONA trained Birth Doula seeking to empower women in the choices they make and direction they would like to take their birth experience and transition into motherhood. Prenatal Yoga, Comfort Techniques Sessions, Partner Yoga, and Doula Services can be combined to create a path of deep connection with body and mind from conception, to the mother’s day of birthing, and beyond.

Prenatal Doula Support Singapore Lisa KazmerLisa Kazmer is a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, DONA trained Birth Doula, and has been helping pregnant women and couples prepare for childbirth since 2007. Drawing from years of study and hands-on experience in women’s yoga, prenatal yoga, and birth support Lisa is able to guide students through the journey of pregnancy to help them feel at ease with the excitements, changes, and challenges that this time can bring with it. She has a nurturing quality to her teaching and specializes in adapting the yoga postures to work with any body. Her intention is for students to leave class feeling strong, spacious, tuned in, and grounded in the nature of their body.

Prenatal Yoga Student and Doula Client in NYC: “I met Lisa when I started taking pre-natal yoga classes and was immediately drawn to her confidence and knowledge about a pregnant woman’s body. She made each of us in the class feel like we were empowered in our pregnancy. Her yoga classes focused on what each of us was feeling at the time and helped us through the difficult parts of pregnancy. She helped us learn how to use our voice in preparation of labor, and taught us how to best be in position to let our body do its job during the process. I called upon her yoga instruction during my own labor. I was excited that she agreed to be my doula, and I couldn’t have had the natural drug free labor & delivery I wanted without her guidance and support. Before the day came, she helped my husband and I think about what we wanted our experience to resemble and asked us the difficult questions that we didn’t want to think about so that we were prepared in case something did not go as planned. During my labor & delivery, she talked me through each difficult contraction with her soothing voice. She helped me stay focused and in the moment for each contraction, and I was able to relax even though it was a long labor process. She made us feel confident and comfortable, and I am so grateful that she was with us during our special experience. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services as both a yoga instructor and a doula. Thank you Lisa!!!”

Kerry L, Prenatal Yoga Student in Singapore: “Lisa is extremely friendly and puts anyone at ease in her classes. With every exercise she never fails to explain clearly on how and why it will help us throughout the pregnancy, thus encouraging us to continue practicing them at our own time. The poses and breathing techniques not only make us more aware of the muscles used in labor but also what to expect for labor, thus gaining more confidence.”     

A husband’s perspective of having me as their Doula: “To be perfectly honest, I think you were almost as helpful to me as to my wife. Obviously I had never been through a birth before, so I had no idea what I was doing – those pregnancy classes really can’t prepare you enough. It was wonderful to have someone there who knew what she was doing (and who was “on our side”). I also found it helpful that we were able to get in touch with you before the big day – the longer initial meeting and then follow ups with our various one-off questions.”

Sara Hubbs reviews Moonlit Prenatal with Lisa Kazmer for YogaSleuth/YogaCityNYC: “Sitting in our comfy seats breathing with sound, we deepened our awareness as breath moved from root to crown Chakra with micro retentions at top and bottom. Then Lisa had us recall that soft-spot at the crown of the head we all had at birth. Borders became porous as we drew the breath in through this remembered opening and extended it out beyond pelvic floor, everything fluid.”  read full review HERE

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