Class/Session Descriptions

Alignment-Based Yoga: Through a partnership between the breath and asanas (postures) Yoga will strengthen and stretch the body with a clear focus on alignment, body awareness, and breathing. Brand new beginners through continuing students are welcome.

Yoga for Absolute Beginners  Learn the fundamental building blocks of yoga and start your practice off on a clear and confident base. This course will begin at the very basic level and systematically progress over the duration of our time together. It’s the ideal course for individuals who have never practiced yoga, someone fairly new to yoga but interested in slowing down and working on alignment, or a person coming back after a hiatus.

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults (or People with Specific Conditions): As the body ages and changes it is important to keep it strong and limber. With the use of props including but not limited to; chairs, belts, yoga blocks, bolsters, and the wall we are able to make many poses available to all bodies. This class will offer seniors a chance to work on balance, coordination, strength training for strong bones and muscles, flexibility, breathing techniques, and relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal yoga not only keeps you feeling active and fit during your pregnancy but will also help prepare the mind and body for labor, delivery, and motherhood.  It is a safe and nurturing environment for you to bond with your growing baby and prepare for a positive birth experience. This session is appropriate for beginners and a great way to combat many of the common discomforts that pregnancy can bring such as backache, sciatica, and difficulty sleeping. 

Special Prenatal Offerings which can be done in workshop or private session format

Partner Prenatal Yoga: (1-2 hours) Practice yoga with your significant other, doula, sister, mother, or friend! Partner Prenatal Yoga Sessions will begin by focusing in on your breath, the breath of your partner, and it’s connection to your baby. From there breath and movement flow together shifting you into simple yoga postures made appropriate for all levels of experience while utilizing weight share and partner support. Some partner postures learned could be directly applied to help the birthing mother cope with pain during labor. 

Comfort Techniques for Labor and Delivery: (1.5-2.5 hours) In this session you will learn pain-coping strategies and comfort measures that can be applied to almost any birth plan. You will practice positions you can labor and/or give birth in, relaxing breathing techniques, helpful visualizations, and other tools you can use to support your birthing experience. Bring a notebook and/or camera. Wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in.

Private Session Series Package; Prenatal Yoga & Comfort Techniques: In this 5-part personalized series of private classes we will use prenatal yoga to help create and prepare for a more peaceful and positive birth experience. From strength-building standing poses and chest-opening backbends, to gentle hip openers, forward folds, and restorative postures we will spend four sessions getting to know the body as it relates to pregnancy and birth. You will then take what you’ve learned into a Comfort Techniques session where you and your partner will practice postures, hands-on support, and relaxation methods that can be applied to practically any birth plan.

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