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Can’t Bend, Won’t Bend: How to Minimize your Shame as a Yogi Newbie by Crystal Wilde of Localiiz Hong Kong:  “…My teacher was a cheery New Yorker who has experienced working with both seniors and brand new beginners, so perfect for a wobbly, weakling newbie like myself! She started me off gently enough with some breathing awareness and warm ups working through all the joints of the body. As I writhed and wriggled around on the tiny bit of tangible floor space in my kitchen, the instructor kept things fun and informal and made me feel totally at home – which I guess I literally was. Along with being very precise about the muscles I should and shouldn’t be using, she was also intuitive, and instantly picked out my nagging weak ankle from the way I performed the poses … While I could hardly say I excelled myself in this class, the hands-on guidance I received made me feel much more comfortable about current the limitations of my body, and confident that I can in fact overcome them. As my instructor put it, “Saying you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible is like saying you can’t eat because you’re too hungry.”

Lola Rephann reviews Bija Yoga for Pravassa.com: “Lisa’s instruction is equal parts tough and playful. In supta padagustasana, she pushed a yoga block against the sole of my foot and spoke firmly: “Tadasana foot! Like you’re standing on the floor!” We finished the class in savasana, as with all yoga classes. Lisa made special note that our feet were to face away from the altar in this pose and in all supine poses out of respect for the altar. A quick shoulder massage in savasana with an herbal salve she’d made herself ensured I came out of class feeling thoroughly relaxed and well tended to. Little escapes Lisa’s eye, and for this reason alone, I will return as she is a watchful guide of her students’ practices.”

Sara Hubbs reviews Moonlit Prenatal with Lisa Kazmer for YogaSleuth/YogaCityNYC: “Sitting in our comfy seats breathing with sound, we deepened our awareness as breath moved from root to crown Chakra with micro retentions at top and bottom. Then Lisa had us recall that soft-spot at the crown of the head we all had at birth. Borders became porous as we drew the breath in through this remembered opening and extended it out beyond pelvic floor, everything fluid.”

Margie Suvalle Fischel reviews New Years Detox & Restore with Padmini and LisaDevi for YogaSleuth/YogaCityNYC: “Lisa took over teaching the Yin portion of class.  She explained that “The flow portion of the day was to detox and let go of what doesn’t serve you and the restorative part is to ground yourself and your intentions.” She gently instructed us to come onto our backs for supported Bridge pose. Opening our chest, our breath, our heart chakra.  We did a few gentle twists and stretches, including my favorite, Supta Baddha Konasana. For the final meditation, Lisa gave us the option of sitting up or lying down. She wanted us to feel comfortable and alert.  Her voice was soothing as she described the green heart chakra, a place of creativity, a place to create new things for the new year.  “Focus on your intention and open your heart.” I felt completely relaxed and alive, full of love as Lisa took us through the meditation.”

Timothi Jane Graham of Nomada Journeys reviews Goddess Yoga at Bija Yoga: “…the vibe of the Vinyasa focused classes is sensual, empowering and down to earth. They also have an all women’s class on Thursday called Goddess Yoga which is tailored to a women’s body and her many incarnations and cycles. I took this class with Lisa Kazmer who got me to explore my hips like I never have before….no wonder, she also happens to be a doula who has traveled extensively throughout India and beyond.”  

Gail F. Nalven, Blogging the Torah: Parashat Devarim, All Together Now: Over the last year or so I have been attending a Active Older Adults yoga class at my local Y.  Although I am not yet in the “older adult” category, I love this class.  The instructor is fabulous and my fellow classmates remind me of why I need to keep doing yoga…so when I am their age (some students are as much as 27 years older than I am), I will be healthy and mobile.  And while I’ve become friendly with the people in the class, chatting about our lives and such, I never really thought of us as community until the teacher announced the passing of a student.  Our mats were in a circle and we looked at one another in the eyes reminding ourselves that we now belonged to one another, even in this tangential way.” …keep reading HERE


“I never thought that I’d get into yoga. I’ve spent years not heeding advice to try it. Finally Lisa cajoled me through the door and I have not looked back. Although my stretches must be very basic, even I am amazed by how much more flexible I have become in just a few months. I’ve upped my attendance from once to twice a week, I look forward to sessions and I have even started practicing poses by myself. Lisa has made yoga accessible to me, a long time sceptic. And I only hope that others who hesitate will make the leap and jump through her door too!”  -Rabbi Nathan Alfred, Singapore

“It took me a few months to put my finger on the reason I felt so compelled to search for Lisa’s classes wherever she was teaching them and attend whenever I could.  I finally realized it was because I could feel my heart chakra working, opening, from the beginning of class to the end – something I had never experienced with a yoga teacher and still have yet to.  She is the reason I started practicing more regularly than I ever had before, and sadly her absence seems to be the reason I haven’t so much lately.  Her instructions are so clear, somehow guide you to balance your attention throughout your entire instrument where other teachers might let you forget about everything but what they are focusing on.  She lets her voice guide the students, so direction comes from within, rather than just demonstrating and leaving students to imitate an outward action hoping that the insides will match.  She is also gloriously anti-end-gaining, so I never felt too inflexible or weak to be in her class, even in the more physically challenging moments.  I attributed it to her dance background that she was able to encourage such conscientiousness around joint gentleness, but it could just be her caring nature.  I suppose that’s the best thing you can say about any teacher, and it is a much-deserved, well-earned statement: Lisa cares.”  -Kieran Mulcare, NYC

“I love that you are willing to be yourself, constantly give and get better, learn, improve, and get, while giving. Some yoga teachers seem to “phone it in,” and go through their routine in order to fill the allotted time then get the heck out. Not you. You’re always present, and your skills constantly improve. You listen, and base your teaching on what you’ve heard — and yet, you’re not afraid to go your own direction based upon your sense of what’s right for that moment on that day.”  – Dorian B, NYC

“Lisa is a very gifted and talented teacher. She is the best teacher of Yoga that I’ve ever had. She is creative and treats her students as individuals with great compassion.”  -Don G, NYC

“When I have tried yoga in the past, I felt self-conscious and inadequate relative to others in the class. Lisa, on the other hand, is very supportive of students practicing yoga at their own pace. Hence, she has created an encouraging community of ‘yogis’.”  -Lisa B, NYC

“The atmosphere is supportive, non-competitive. It’s a place where I’m learning to pay attention to my body and my breathe.” -G.M., NYC

“I could not exercise much when I started working with Lisa but she gradually helped me get over my fears and worked with me through all my ups and downs to get me to a place where I feel stronger in my body. I trust Lisa, she knows how to work with my body and will modify the session to target or work around the pain (depending on where the pain is).To me Lisa is more than my Yoga teacher, she’s a healer!  I’m her devoted student because I owe a big part of my recovery to her and for that I will forever be grateful.”  -Rana Ghaoui, NYC

“Lisa is deeply committed to Yoga and is a superb teacher (and has a sense of humor!)”  -Sandy B, NYC

“I am pleased to recommend Lisa Kazmer, who was my excellent yoga teacher at the McBurney YMCA in New York City for almost five years. In her yoga class for active older adults, Lisa was an energetic and creative teacher. She regularly modified the sequence and types of movements from one class to the next, so we were never bored. She demonstrated and clearly explained movements, giving helpful guidance about how to get the most out of each one while avoiding injury. A warm and helpful teacher, Lisa got to know each of her students and used insight and humor to encourage us to do our best.   Lisa was a very popular teacher, so much so that her gentle yoga class grew almost too large. Her students persuaded the YMCA to offer a gentle yoga class by Lisa on a different day. It also became a great success and attracted younger students as well. Last year, after an accident, I took a series of private lessons with Lisa. During each session, she carefully guided me in stretching movements that greatly helped to increase my mobility and comfort. At the end, she gave me a written guide that I still follow. For all of these reasons, I am pleased recommend Lisa Kazmer without reservation as a yoga teacher for group classes or private instruction.”  -Susan H, NYC

“I am very grateful for your excellent classes and the inspiring way you relate to people.”  -Paula M, NYC

I had the great pleasure to discover yoga with Lisa. I am a complete beginner but it gives my body such a good balance. Lisa’s instructions are really clear. I will not hesitate to recommend her to everyone. -Matthieu, Tennis Coach, Singapore

“Lisa is an amazing teacher. She is deeply spiritual, intuitive and sensitive. Her incredible knowledge of the body enables her to work with each student as an individual which is extremely important in a group setting. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Another wonderful attribute is her sense of humor and I believe laughter is very healing. I am very grateful to have Lisa as a teacher, she has enriched my life.”  -Diana Maes, NYC

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