Align with the Asana: Headstand

Align with the Asana: Headstand

An Inversion Workshop with Lisa Kazmer

Saturday, April 11th, 11am-12:45pm

Align with the Asana: Headstand Workshop Singapore Yoga Inversion ShirsasanaHeadstand; the king of all yoga asana. It has been said that practicing headstand is the key to a longer life and greater peace of mind. The vast physical benefits of this pose include; strengthening the lungs, assisting digestion, building stamina, and boosting the immune system to name a few. Whether you are just beginning to turn upside down or you already have an established inversion practice, this workshop will condition the body to perform headstand safely and confidently. We will work from the ground up, preparing the body through a series of asanas which will bring awareness and access to the strength, flexibility, and balance needed for a solid headstand practice.

  • This workshop is open to students of all levels with some yoga experience. If you are unsure if this workshop is appropriate for you, contact the teacher: lisa kazmer [at] yahoo [dot] com
  • Location: Casa Santosa ~ Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street
  • Cost: $55 SGD
  • Register: Call +65 6836 7782 or email to make your booking.

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