LisaDeviNews: That Moment Before a Breakthrough

cropped-om-chauk.jpgWhat makes you happy? I’ve learned since moving abroad that teaching yoga is a BIG component in my happiness. I will never be a contended tai tai. I really learned that while waiting for my Sole Proprietorship to go through, making it legal for me to do freelance work and not be bound to one studio as a sponsor. I was feeling purposeless. My emotions were strained and my nerves on edge. I went to class and poured my concentration into my yoga practice, ironically my teacher was focusing on properly grounding the hands and feet that day. My mind calmed down. My body released tension. I came home and waiting in the mailbox was an envelope from the Ministry of Manpower — too thick to be a rejection letter. Folded inside was relief to all the existential agony I was experiencing.  It’s hard sometimes to see outside of your own emotional thunderstorm but in our yoga practice we have the opportunity to deal with these challenges in a curious, non-judgmental, and humble way. So, I’m interested in hearing from you — how is yoga guiding you these days?  Prompted by the Iyengar Yoga Association of Hong Kong I am challenging my practice by participating in “30 Days of Yoga” which culminates on the first International Day of Yoga on June 21st 2015. I’m on day 6 of 30 and I’ve already had some “ah-ha” moments on the mat. I’m checking-in daily on my facebook page and sharing the process. In other news, I am headed back to the great U.S. of A. for a visit this July. I’ll be in NYC and teaching a little bit so stay tuned for more on this in the next newsletter.

Namaste, Lisa

Highlights from the LisaDeviAdventures Blog
The rise and fall of the yoga studio-how to adapt Life is ever-changing and our relationship to the yoga practice is constantly evolving as well. So if you or your teacher have moved, your yoga school is closing, your relationship to a style or teacher is no longer in alignment, or you’ve lost your practice, here are a few tips to ease the transition. 
The day I returned to Ballet & made it my own Dancer is now only something I put on when practicing Natrajasana on the yoga mat. “Dancer” is not much more than an imprint left in my body from a past life; the cause for why I can’t easily turn my legs inward, the reason my hamstrings are still long and open, an explanation for that callused-over spot on my second toes, and that cracking sound in my right ankle. It is the reason you should thank your teacher at the end of class, whether it be with a curtsy or a namaste. Keep reading: here
Piercings, Trance & Devotion at Thaipusam While this festive time includes more than just the Thaipusam rites this portion of the festival certainly attracts the most attention; closing down a number of thoroughfares and providing a spectacle for Indians and non-Indians alike.  Read more: here
Welcome (back) to India By today, as I maneuvered my way through a densely thick crowd on a side street to Laxmi Road in Pune, I had my wits about me and I was able to more fully open my eyes to the beauty of India. I didn’t realize how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve learned traveling in Asia. Read more: here
A Yogi Went to Mysore, reflections 5 years later Ancient travelers preferred traveling by the full moon so as to light the way at night and for us this journey felt as epic as any other holy pilgrimage made by man so we decided to arrive in India during the Full Moon of early December.  Read more: here