Thank you

I have taught you in church basements, empty meeting rooms, and shop floors. In the art gallery, a children’s art room, and children’s libraries. Universities, elementary schools, and senior centers. Racketball courts, squeaky basketball courts, and multipurpose rooms. Roofs, parks, and beaches. Serene yoga spaces with candles burning, dimmed lights, soft music, and every prop your body could desire. Loud, freezing gyms with thumping music and barbells dropping overhead. That place where you had to walk up a couple flights of creaky stairs to get to the oasis of practice above. I’ve taught you in your home and maybe dissembled the couch for sake of a yoga bolster. I’ve taught you practicing alongside your neighbours, friends, family, lovers, and strangers. I’ve taught you in NYC, in Hong Kong, Singapore, and many places in between.

I had not until March taught classes on the internet. Thank you for letting me into your home via a little box on Zoom for the last 6 months. It nourishes me to teach as much as I hope it nourishes you to come together for practice.

Let’s keep practicing. Let’s stay open and grounded. Let’s stay strong and clear. Let’s let go of what we don’t need. Onwards! ❤

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