Lisa Devi moves from NYC to Hong Kong this fall!

Beloved Students,

Well, it’s official!  LisaDevi is moving to Hong Kong in September.  A journey to the far East which I am thrilled to embark on!   Seven years ago I moved to New York City.  I came here because I knew it was where I belonged, where my creativity could be inspired, and my mind opened.  As I look back at those seven years and survey the pieces of wisdom I have placed in my medicine pouch, I am amazed by how rich this thin slice of time has been.  Hong Kong will be a new chapter in my life and the preparations for this journey holds within it the same anticipation and trust that carried me to New York.  If you’ve been in class this announcement is not news to you!

A few answers to the burning questions students have had for me so far…

Are you still going to teach yoga!?  Yes!  I am so excited to get to know a brand new yoga community and find my place within it doing what I love to do.  If you know any great teachers, yogis, healers, doulas, free spirits or beautiful souls living in the area, please send their info my way!

Why? and for how long?  I’ll be accompanying my boyfriend who has received a new job based in Hong Kong for two years.

What are you going to do with your cat? Boo will be moving to Hong Kong with us, of course!  The little kitty that started life as a feral cat in Brooklyn is becoming a big city jet setter –and no she doesn’t need to go into quarantine coming from the US.

How do we stay connected? Isn’t it amazing how communication is so easy these days?  I plan to write my story!  I’ve set up a wordpress blog, LisaDeviAdventures, which is connected to my website  …and I promise when I return I will tell you everything I have learned along the way!  In the mean time, I wish to see you in class!

                           Namaste, Lisa

forearm stand

11:15am McBurney Y – Gentle Yoga for Seniors
2:00pm McBurney Y – Open Vinyasa Yoga

11:45am McBurney Y – Open Vinyasa Yoga

12pm Destination Maternity – Prenatal Yoga
2:15pm McBurney Y – Gentle Yoga for Seniors

10am Vanderbilt Y – Open Vinyasa Yoga
12:30pm Maha Padma Yoga Temple – Beginner Vinyasa

10:30am Vanderbilt Y – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

*Schedule subject to change.

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