5-week Prenatal Yoga & Labor Comfort Techniques Series in Hong Kong

Prenatal Yoga in Hong Kong with Lisa Kazmer

Prenatal Yoga not only keeps you feeling active and fit during your pregnancy but will also help prepare the mind and body for labor, delivery, and motherhood.  It is a safe and nurturing environment for you to bond with your growing baby and prepare for a positive birth experience. This class is appropriate for beginners and a great way to combat many of the common discomforts that pregnancy can bring such as backache, sciatica, and difficulty sleeping. In this 5-week series you will get a thorough introduction to the benefits and wisdom that Prenatal Yoga can offer.

5 Consecutive Tuesdays, 6-7pm in Central, Hong Kong April 22nd – May 20th 2014 Fee: $900 HKD for all 5 classes / $250 for a single class Bookings are essential. To register visit GeckoYoga.com

Week 1 / April 22nd: Standing Poses and Introduction to the Pelvic Floor: We will begin this five-week journey by establishing a firm foundation to grow from. The standing postures are a great way to bring energy, strength, stamina, and vigor to the entire body. With this the body and mind will feel less fatigued, your breath will feel more free, and your overall wellbeing enhanced. The pelvic floor also serves as an important support to your body, breath, and baby. You will learn what exactly these muscles do, where they are, and how to effectively engage them.

Week 2 / April 29th: Strong Center, Open Heart: As the baby grows and a pregnant woman’s body changes tension can often be found in the shoulders and upper back. In this session we will focus on movements and postures to bring freedom and mobility to the neck, shoulders, and heart. We will also examine how to safely tone the abdominal muscles during pregnancy to further support good posture.

Lisa Kazmer Prenatal Yoga

Week 3 / May 6th: Hip Opening and Forward Folds: Stretching the muscles around the hips, low back and hamstrings brings about the vibrancy and flexibility needed for a more easeful labor. Sciatica and low back pain are some of the most common discomforts during pregnancy and the postures practiced in this session are aimed at relieving this and similar sources of tension. This session will also included a guided meditation focused on creating space by opening up and letting go.

Week 4 / May 13th: Restorative Yoga and Pranayama: The ability to relax and fully trust the body’s natural process creates the confidence necessary to maintain a positive attitude throughout the birth process. The relaxation methods and breathing techniques taught in this session should be practiced throughout pregnancy so that they can be effective coping skills during labor and birth. This session will be an ultra supported and restful yoga practice using bolsters, straps, chairs, and blankets. Be prepared for absolute relaxation.

Week 5 / May 20th: Labor Comfort Techniques: In this session you will learn pain-coping strategies and comfort measures that can be applied to almost any birth plan. You will practice the yoga postures you have learned over the course of the previous four weeks which can be applied to labor, and possibly delivery. We will review relaxing breathing techniques, helpful visualizations, and other tools you can use to support your birthing experience. Partners are highly encouraged to attend this session and there will be amply time for questions.

Lisa Kazmer is a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher and DONA trained Birth Doula. Drawing from years of study and hands-on experience in women’s yoga, prenatal yoga, and birth support Lisa is able to guide students through the journey of pregnancy to help them feel at ease with the excitements, changes, and challenges that this time can bring with it. She has a nurturing quality to her teaching and specializes in adapting the yoga postures to work with any body. Her intention is for students to leave class feeling strong, spacious, tuned in, and grounded in the nature of their body.

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