LisaDeviNews: Postcards from Pune & Splits in Singapore

tree top yogaSunny Winter greetings from Singapore. It’s been a fun and busy start to 2016! To celebrate New Years Day, on January 1st I lead a juicy two-hour alignment-based flow class at Ziva Yoga; we twisted out 2015 and settled upon our intentions for 2016. It was such a success that we’ve decided to do something similar for the Lunar New Year. On Saturday, February 13th, we will Leap into the Year of the Monkey with Hanumanasana The ability to do full splits is NOT a pre-requirement for taking this workshop but the willingness to work towards it is. We will have fun, open the hips, heart, and hamstrings, and work to bring out our inner cheeky monkey. There are some schedule changes to take note of on Monday nights at Ziva Yoga as well. After the CNY holidays, 7pm Prenatal Yoga will be replaced with Yoga Foundations and the 8:30pm Yoga Foundations will be replaced with Yoga Therapy. Prenatal Students are welcome to join the Yoga Therapy class, which will be a slower pace and more catered to the individual needs of those in the room. Over at Yoga in Common we have a new ROPE WALL!  Hand-knotted in Pune and schlepped back to Singapore in my luggage, the ropes are now installed and ready for students. Practicing with the rope wall allows for better access to the extension, traction, stability, awareness, and proper alignment of many of the yoga asanas we practice every day. Students in the upcoming Yoga for Absolute Beginners course will also get a taste of working with the wall. So come hang out with me and learn the ropes …oh no! My inner cheeky monkey has already been let loose. Please note that all classes are canceled between Friday, February 3rd and Wednesday, February 10th. The wonderful Trish Rice-Corely will be covering my Thursday evening class at Yoga in Common on February 2nd as I’m off to Myanmar for the long weekend with my husband. Follow along on the journey @lisadeviadventures on instagram and I’ll hopefully be able to find a little bit of wi-fi to share some snaps of ancient temples from the perspective of an air ballon or bicycle.
Postcards from Pune
Time spent in Sydney flipped me upside-down and down-under
syndey headstand