LisaDeviNews: It’s all about community

ziva and anahata lou heiLove-filled February greetings from Singapore. With the Full Moon a few days ago, the Lunar New Year holidays have come to a close and classes are back to their regular schedules. I can’t believe this is my third Chinese New Year spent in Asia! This year I got to take part in my first ever Lou Hei — a ritual distinct to Singapore and Malaysia that is said to bring fourth good fortune and luck. The night was hosted by Ziva Yoga and Anahata Yoga and was a great opportunity to spend time with the other teachers and see each other in something other than spandex and sweat! The good vibes of community were also felt at our last meeting of the Singapore Yoga Teachers Sangha. A dynamic conversation was had about the use of voice and sound in regards to teaching. Inquisitive questions and thoughtful responses kept dialogue flowing and I think it is safe to say that everyone left with their heart a little fuller and voice a little clearer. Keep an eye out for our next meeting sometime in late March. Community is essential and it is something I have really tried to put energy towards since moving to Singapore a year and half ago. Whether it be a dosa and coffee with fellow yogis after class, collaborative support from fellow teachers, or meeting up with a global community in Pune, we grow by supporting one another. So smile and say hello to that person on the mat next to you… and see how that effects your breath, your asana, and your yoga practice. Let me know how it goes.