New Moon Lodge: The Fire of Transformation

morgana le faye waterhouseThe New or “Dark” Moon is a time of new beginnings and creative energy — the perfect time to tune in and set your intentions for the coming lunar cycle or season. Connect to your female klan in sacred space during this magical time and open yourself up to the collective wisdom of women gathered in community. This New Moon we will focus our attention on the powerful element of fire and it’s transformative potential to create, destroy, and inspire.


More about the New Moon Lodge: Women are innate teachers, healers, creators, community-makers, and way-finders. It is in our DNA and our physical make-up. We live in a privileged age where we have open access to the women’s wisdom of many different traditions and here in Singapore we have access to an amazing pool of practitioners across a wide spectrum of energetic practices and offerings.

The New Moon Lodge will host the best teachers in their fields to explain the energetic art they have mastered and give some simple practices that the gathering can use on themselves and in their homes. The intention of the New Moon Lodge is to empower women with the wisdom of the skills they already possess.

  • WHEN: Sunday, June 5th 8-10pm
  • LOCATION: One Chatsworth Singapore 249745 – register for exact address.
  • REGISTER: Email Dani:
  • COST: The New Moon Lodge is fee-free and by donation only. All proceeds this month will be donated to UHC’s 2016 Omer Challenge which will split equally the total of all funds raised between four charities: National Food Bank of SG, One Singapore, Ground Up Initiative, and Leket Isreal.