Favorite Books of 2019

Okay, ready for my year-end reading recap?

For 2019, my goals were to read 100 books (hot damn, I read 104!), to build an appreciation for poetry (yes!), read more from the authors I enjoyed in 2018, and read more from women writers (it was 80%) as well as Authors of Color (about 40% — could do better) who’s lives and experiences are different than mine.

In 2020, I’m still going to set a reading goal but ease it back to 52 and I want to read more off my shelves at home as there is 100+ promising books stacked besides me.

Top books read in 2019:

With regards to teaching a.k.a. relating better with other humans:

Favorite books of poetry:

Best Graphic Novels/Art Books:

Best on Audio:

What were your favorite reads of the year?

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