Online Yoga in 2021

Join me for livestream yoga classes via Zoom in a safe, supportive, and friendly online environment.

These classes will help students establish strength, stamina, and concentration as well as mobility and flexibility. Students will learn through an intelligent sequencing of poses, precise instruction, clear demonstration, the innovative use of props, and verbal feedback. There is a foundational emphasis on standing poses to develop the confidence, skills, and ability to progress into the full scope a yoga practice. Your first online class with me is free.

MONDAY 5:30-6:45pm EST

WEDNESDAY 9:30-10:45am EST

FRIDAY 10-11:15am EST

What students are saying about practicing online:

“Lisa, I wanted to thank you. Your classes are tough. They are more then that though. We all huff and puff with an occasional moan and groan. We all leave after class feeling like we had a great workout. Feeling the burn that we have all come to accept and love. Knowing that tomorrow we will feel better physically and mentally after attending one of your classes. Your yoga knowledge and presentation leaves us with a sense of enlightenment and deeper understanding of the poses. You walk us through the many poses breaking them down as we progress. I have been taking yoga classes for about five years now. Yoga teachers have come and gone. I have gained flexibility and yoga benefits on my journey. Then I met you. I intend to remain in your yoga classes for the foreseeable future. You have much to share and I have much to learn. I am grateful my journey has led me to you.” Ed B.

“Lisa is a very precise yet inventive and creative teacher. She will always find some interesting metaphor to make us experience yoga in a humane and fun way.” Mimma Scarpini

“I first took lessons from you at the McBurney Y about 10 years ago. You were the best teacher I had there and continue to live up to my initial impression. I love good Yoga teachers. What makes you special is that you find unique ways to enter poses so that we cannot anticipate where we are going. It forces us to remain open and follow your explicit directions which often makes us (me, at least) achieve a better, more relaxed asana. You seem to have a deep understanding of how the body works and you use that knowledge to enhance your instructions. Your individual comments are always valuable. Thank you.”  Nancy B.

Pricing: All payments can be made via PayPal or Venmo

  • 6 class package for $105
  • Drop-in: $20 with sliding scale available. If you are experiencing financial hardships let me know and we can work out a price that is manageable for you at this time.
  • To register email:

The following items will be helpful to have for class:

When you take part in these livestream classes you assume full responsibility for any and all damages and risk which may incur through your participation. I will do my best within my ability and the scope of the technology to guide your through a safe practice.

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